What States Allow Online Gambling


What States Allow Online Gambling

Internet gambling has significantly transformed how people gamble. Now available in many states, online casinos and sportsbooks allow gamblers to experience their favorite games from the comfort of their own homes – although some states prohibit online gambling activities; others permit residents to partake in these activities legally.

United States state governments generally permit their residents to gamble online, with many legalized sites even providing services nationwide. The websites are safe and regulated for gamblers’ use; providing many advantages not available otherwise in real life.

It has been a difficult journey, but gradually more states are permitting online gambling. New Jersey was first to launch legal casino gaming online, followed by Nevada, Delaware, and Pennsylvania shortly afterwards.

New York’s decision to allow its residents access to licensed online casinos was a significant step toward this end, and more states may follow New York’s lead over time. Rhode Island recently joined this growing movement; with Gov. Dan McKee signing their law into effect by June of 2023.

Connecticut, Michigan and West Virginia will allow their residents to gamble legally at online casinos; New Hampshire could follow soon thereafter although this state’s iGaming industry may take some time to fully develop.

Idaho and Oklahoma remain among the few remaining states which prohibit online gambling, with residents only being able to place bets at physical casinos within Idaho’s borders. A push by Oklahoma legislators in 2022 to legalize online betting ultimately failed, while it is highly unlikely that any moves towards legalized online betting will occur anytime soon in this conservative state.

Wyoming, Kansas and Montana do not permit online gambling; only in-person sports betting is legal there while Montana’s prohibition of online gaming prevents any form of iGaming ever becoming legal there. Unfortunately for Montana’s residents, its laws remain vague so until then their only option for gambling will be visiting one of its two dozen tribal casinos located throughout its borders.

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