How to Get Free Chips in Pop Slots


How to Get Free Chips in Pop Slots

how to get free chips in pop slots game app

Pop Slots is an engaging social game that lets players compete for real Vegas rewards in a fun social competition. The app provides various casino-inspired slots and table games, and players can win prizes such as free chips, hotel stays and other perks – although the game lacks a VIP tier there are several methods for collecting extra chip bonuses without falling victim to scammers when searching deals. In this article we discuss these methods along with ways of getting free chips!

POP Slots’ daily bonus is the easiest and simplest way to unlock free chips; just tap on its icon at any time during your day! Your player level determines the size of this bonus – up to 15 million chips depending on what level you play at. Furthermore, there are community bonus balloons which may pop up and award you with additional free chips, XP or loyalty points!

POP Slots also offers an hourly time bonus that rewards players with free chips every hour, though it may require some dedication – we recommend setting an alert every two hours on either your phone or computer so as not to miss these opportunities!

Pop Slots’ community chat feature can also help you to gain free chips. Simply tap on its icon in the lower-right corner to open the chat page, where you can converse with other players and invite new ones into the game – this is another effective way of earning extra free chips through conversations!

Pop Slots provides one of the more unique ways of unlocking additional free chips by taking advantage of its affiliate partners. These partnerships, such as bowling clubs and restaurants that have collaborated with virtual social casinos to offer additional ways for players to interact and earn rewards, enable more ways for you to interact with friends and receive bonuses – further increasing participation rates in their virtual social casino and increasing its popularity.

To utilize this strategy, simply visit a website with an affiliate deal with Pop Slots and click on any affiliate links to open a new window before selecting “Collect”. Be sure to close any previous Pop Slots sessions first as this may prevent qualifying for deals; also only visit websites with legitimate relationships to the game so as to avoid scams or viruses that could potentially compromise your experience and ensure maximum enjoyment from it all.

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