What is Internet Payment on Discover Card?


What is Internet Payment on Discover Card?

When signing up for recurring bills, autopay can make paying them easier by helping ensure payments will be taken care of automatically and reduce the chance of missing one and incurring disconnection or late fees. Discover offers DirectPay as an automatic way to pay your credit card balance; it will allow you to better manage expenses.

Setting up a recurring payment to your Discover credit card account allows you to choose an amount which will automatically be deducted from your bank account each month – this could be your full statement balance, minimum payment plus fixed amount or another specified sum. Furthermore, you have the option of only withdrawing funds from certain checking or savings accounts. Access your Discover online account to make a single or recurring payment by either clicking “Make a Payment” from your account overview page, or selecting “Payments” and following the prompts on the main account page. Alternatively, call Discover card customer service number to have an automatic withdrawal setup with your account from another bank account.

Discover credit cards are accepted at millions of merchants around the world, making them ideal for paying recurring charges at almost any merchant. Their convenient and secure online payment system accepts payments made using Apple Pay or Google Pay as well. Discover also offers several ways to manage debt with tools such as monthly budgeting tools and credit score trackers to help manage credit card debt effectively.

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