Successful House Decorating Using Lamp Drum Shades


Successful House Decorating Using Lamp Drum Shades

Successful House Decorating Making use of Lamp Drum Shades

An elegant lampshade can elevate any simple lamp to become an eye-catching statement piece. Selecting the appropriate shape and size is key, with many options available that range from formal to eclectic. When matching base shapes with lampshades, drum, conical and tapered styles are common – however oval and rectangular shades also exist.

A drum shade adds modern style to a traditional lamp base, while shallow drum shades or bouillotte shades have more of a minimalist vibe. Empire shades boast elegant silhouettes, making an impressionful statement in home decor styles both traditional and contemporary alike. A frustum-shaped cylinder with tapering diameters at both its bottom end and at its top can bring classic beauty to ornate antique lamp bases.

Considerations when selecting a lamp shade include its function in relation to the room’s theme. Some prefer minimalist aesthetics and opt for drum shades with no trim or embellishments while others may add fabric or paper products for more decorative results.

Trim is an easy and affordable way to create a custom look in your lampshade, adding flair that perfectly matches its theme and room decor. Lamps Plus offers a selection of pre-made trims in various colors and materials; alternatively, use scrap ribbon or fabric from an old shirt or even your child’s outgrown clothing to craft unique pieces that match.

An eye-catching lamp shade can make an impressive statement piece in its own right. To add depth and dimension, wrap it with strips of bias tape available from most craft stores or paint it yourself before adhering it to the shade for a unique color/pattern combo.

Lamps are an essential piece in many homes, and selecting a lampshade that complements its style is crucial to its aesthetic. Your choice should reflect both your home’s overall design theme as well as any furnishings, artworks or other features in the space – no rules apply here, simply understand your broader home design goals to select an ideal shade!

Lampshades should generally resemble the shape of their lamp bases, though you may wish to break with convention and experiment. A circular base works best with circular-shaped shades while square bases make an excellent foundation for square or tapered shades.

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