Big Spin Lottery Game Winners Announced


Big Spin Lottery Game Winners Announced

when was the big spin lottery game issued

The Big Spin lottery game gives players the chance to win various prizes through its prize wheel system. Each dollar amount ranges from $1 to $500 while TV SHOW, SPIN and TICKET spaces provide players with an additional chance at success. Each round ends in a bonus round where winning players may get additional awards; and one lucky person who grabs hold of their desired Golden Ticket wins an astounding grand prize of $1 Million!

Truman Caddell of Greensboro won $900,000. At a North Carolina Lottery-hosted live event to promote their $10 Bigger Spin scratch-off ticket, Karen Finger from Durham won an additional prize of $400,000. Both North Carolinians will now have the chance to cash in their tickets that offer second chances at The Big Wheel’s guaranteed minimum prize of $100,000 and maximum of $2 Million prizes.

Both participants for The Big Spin show were selected through a random drawing among lottery participants who submitted codes from non-winning Big Spin tickets online and sent them in for random selection. Winners will participate in an exciting television show taped at Raleigh Studio of The Lottery that guarantees them at least $100,000 each! Initially all $100 winners who submitted tickets qualified; as more $10 Bigger Spin tickets were sold only one out of every 2,000 lottery participants could make the cut to play The Big Spin game and appear in its television broadcasts.

Shelly Desbien of Windsor admitted she was stunned when she won half a million dollars at OLG’s prize center in March and spin the wheel to find herself sitting atop it all. “I thought I would faint!” Desbien exclaimed to reporters about the incredible moment when her luck changed so drastically.

In 1992’s To Grandmother’s House We Go, Harvey (Jerry Van Dyke) and Rhonda (Cynthia Geary) both won Big Spin tickets, with Harvey crying happy tears after each spin of The Big Wheel’s prize wheel ended without empty slots. Furthermore, To Grandmother’s House We Go also included an alternative game called Win-O-Lotto which mimicked The Big Wheel.

Throughout the 1990s, The Big Wheel was an immensely popular game among California Lottery winners. Produced in partnership with Full House television show, each game included a prize wheel, game board and panel of contestants; winners could claim cash prizes along with appearing on Full House itself! Historically speaking, The Big Wheel proved an enormously popular entertainment venue.

Runner-ups were awarded with trips to Palm Springs. Charlie O’Donnell served as announcer until 1996, when Rich Hardaway replaced him. From 1999 to 2003 Jackie Taylor then announced the show before it was later rebranded The Big Spin 2000 as part of celebrating a new millennium. Beginning in 2004 California Lottery collaborated with Aces High TV show to produce the current edition of The Big Spin – it remains popular today!

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