What Virginia Lottery Game is Tonight?


What Virginia Lottery Game is Tonight?

what virginia lottery game is tonight

Virginia lottery games provide many great options to choose from. Draw games feature various jackpot sizes and odds while Instant Win games provide fast ways of scoring big prizes! Take a look at the table below for details of what each lottery game offers as well as how you can play them.

The Virginia Lottery first debuted in 1988 and quickly earned recognition for raising funds for education across Virginia. Two-thirds of lottery profits are donated directly to K-12 initiatives – giving hope and happiness to millions of players throughout Virginia! Lottery profits also provide critical funding for state infrastructure projects, so anyone wanting to play just needs to select their numbers on a playslip and tune into an official drawing to see if you’ve won! To participate, simply follow these simple instructions!

One of the most beloved Virginia Lottery games includes Mega Millions, Cash 5, Pick 3 and EZ Match – each offering different chances to win! Mega Millions boasts an astounding $20 million top prize! Cash 5 begins with a parimutuel jackpot starting at $200,000 that increases every time there is no winner; in EZ Match there is also an option of “fast-play”, for just an additional $1 per play that matches all five of your numbers against those in previous winning combinations from one draw.

Virginia was among six states to introduce Powerball as “The Big Game” back in 1996, making Virginia one of the best states for playing it! Powerball offers multi-jurisdictional drawsback with five numbers from 1-70 plus an optional Megaplier option which doubles any non-jackpot wins! To play this great game, simply choose five numbers between 1 through 70 plus an individual Powerball number between 1- 25.

Bank a Million is an engaging local game offering players the chance to win up to $1 Million twice weekly! No taxes apply or strings are attached – making this game truly life-changing! Although its odds may seem steep, winning any big prize makes this gamble worth taking!

Virginia Lottery offers new online instant-win games that provide instant lottery fun at your fingertips! Like online slots, these instant-win games work like traditional slot machines with spinning reels and symbol matching to generate payouts. Northern Wilds will launch on the 1st July 2020 and players can access it both via mobile phone and computer; payments guaranteed up to 20 years ago ensure you never miss a chance at success!

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