Is Online Gambling Legal in the United States?


Is Online Gambling Legal in the United States?

is online gambling legal

Though online sports betting has recently been legalized in over 30 U.S. states, other forms of online gambling remain illegal in most U.S. states – some even having strict bans that prevent players from legally gambling online. Is this trend likely to change or will further restrictions be put into effect in the near future? Read on and find out!

Since 2013, online casinos have slowly but steadily made an impressionful statement in the United States. Starting out in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada in 2013, this industry has quickly grown into more states offering legal online casino platforms regulated by state authorities; currently California remains an exception by only permitting residents to bet on horse races and daily fantasy sports on tribal lands.

Online gambling can be a risky venture if your bankroll is mismanaged. Even when managed appropriately, however, there may still be untrustworthy websites out there who try to scam players by taking advantage of vulnerable individuals and taking their money without permission. Therefore, only use reliable gambling sites and set financial limits before beginning gambling activities.

Texas remains one of the few states where online casino gambling remains forbidden, though some land-based casinos do provide online table games and iGaming options. Furthermore, online lottery plays are banned entirely – although this prohibition could change by 2023.

As with its northeastern neighbors, Rhode Island has taken steps to legalize online casino play. A law passed in the Ocean State will go into effect on March 1, 2023 and allow residents to enjoy various popular iGaming titles from either their computers or mobile devices.

Arkansas stands out as being quite unique when it comes to legal online gambling, having recently legalized sports betting through legislation in 2018 while daily fantasy sports and poker have also been legalized by their state’s racing commission. Online casino use remains illegal and residents have even been prosecuted for engaging in these forms of online gaming.

Maryland may soon legalize online casino play. Although its sports betting market launched in November 2022, online casino play wasn’t included as part of the legislation that legalized sports betting; this could change in the future should other states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania experience success with their iGaming markets. Maryland currently only hosts three casinos for residents to visit and enjoy casino games; until further expansion becomes permissible.

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