Why Are There Snipers at Sporting Events?


Why Are There Snipers at Sporting Events?

are there snipers at sporting events

As public safety experts and law enforcement professionals, our responsibility is to ensure the wellbeing of everyone attending sporting events. This involves countering every threat possible – be it from gunmen or violently organized terrorists. Public venues often serve as targets of these threats and so snipers are deployed at large public venues like stadiums to provide overwatch and surveillance in case there is a security threat present.

Given that most attendees at sporting events aren’t terrorists, it would seem unlikely for there to be snipers at sporting events. Yet this is exactly what occurs at many major sporting events; just a quick Google search will show police snipers are frequently present at NFL games, NCAA championships and even World Cup matches in Russia; as these high-profile events draw large crowds and thus provide an ideal target for terror groups seeking mass casualties.

Dallas Cowboys stadium holds the highest average attendance in the NFL and features special sniper’s nests designed for close observation of each field and event during a game. Furthermore, multiple entrances have been built into its design along with metal detectors; pat-downs are mandatory before entering this venue.

A sniper’s job is to spot potential threats quickly and act immediately in order to thwart any attacks, employing their training and keen eyesight to recognize attacks from miles away. Snipers don’t necessarily always stay on the ground – sometimes spotting threats while flying overhead in helicopters as well. With cameras providing them a view of all aspects of an arena.

In an emergency security incident, these snipers will respond swiftly and efficiently, neutralizing attackers quickly to save lives and coordinate with police forces as needed while providing information that helps stop further attacks from taking place.

As an extra precaution, these snipers have been trained to use ballistic barriers at Hard Rock Stadium as an added layer of defense to absorb stray bullets and reduce any ricochets that might happen. Furthermore, KF Armory’s MIB2S (Modular Interlocking Ballistic Barrier System) reduces the potential for weapons entering the stadium to cause an attack.

Sniper training requires extensive practice and an ability to think on one’s feet quickly, unlike most people who can take time second guessing themselves. Because sniper personnel cannot afford this luxury, extensive preparation must take place prior to being sent out in a real life situation.

A skilled sniper must possess patience, excellent observational skills and high physical fitness levels in order to remain in position for extended periods and shoot accurately at long ranges. While former police/military snipers may possess some of these characteristics, in order to compete in Olympic shooting events they require months or years of dedicated practice and dedication.

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