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How to Beat Video Poker

how to beat video poker slot machines

There are numerous different video poker games, but they all follow the same general principles. Unlike slot machines, video poker requires player decisions which influence its outcome – making them a true test of skill!

Players receive five cards and select which ones to keep and which to discard; those not kept are then drawn in an exchange process known as drawing.

Payback percentages

Video poker is a skill game, unlike slot machines which limit player action to preset decisions that cannot affect the outcome of their hand. As such, players may experience higher payback percentages with video poker than slot machines; this percentage is calculated by determining what portion of an average bet will return as winnings over time.

A video poker machine’s payback percentage can easily be calculated by studying its pay tables. These will typically display both its house edge and payback percentage.

If you want to increase your odds of winning, select games with high payout percentages and lower variance (meaning that wins and losses occur less often) to preserve your bankroll and stop you from losing too quickly.

Bonus rounds

Video poker is an interactive form of card gaming wherein players choose which cards to keep or discard and the machine pays out according to a preset paytable. While machines vary slightly in terms of payout rates, its basic principles remain the same and allows for informed decisions based on mathematically-derived strategy.

Practice video poker strategy by playing free online games. These realistic simulations give players an experience without risking real money; furthermore, they allow players to experiment with various strategies and understand rules of each particular game before trying their luck with real cash games.

Winning at video poker requires both skill and strategy paired with some luck. To maximize results, it is wise to consult the pay tables of machines you play; doing this can help maximize results while preventing impulsive decisions from shortchanging your chances. To increase chances of success it is also beneficial to adhere to an optimal strategy rather than make sudden choices on-the-spot.

Scatter symbols

Video poker is an exciting casino game that blends elements of both poker and slot machines. When players are given five cards, they must decide whether to keep or discard each of them according to a pay table’s table – if their hand wins, their payout is displayed on an onscreen meter.

Scatter symbols can be powerful tools in video poker games, either to activate bonus rounds or increase royal flush payouts. Unlike regular slot symbols, however, this symbol doesn’t need to appear on a payline in order to award its prize.

Scatter symbols are frequently featured in online slot games and can be activated on any reel, triggering free spins rounds with multiplied winnings from them. They cannot however replace wild symbols – instead these scatters may appear scattered anywhere across the reels without necessarily following any specific order on each spin of the reels.


Although video poker is a game of chance, it can be beat using a basic strategy. This involves making wise decisions regarding which cards to keep and discard to increase chances of a winning hand and decrease house edge. Furthermore, understanding probabilistic effects is critical and free video poker games provide an ideal environment in which to hone these skills risk-free.

To beat a video poker machine, the ideal strategy is to use a full deck and understand its rules. While you may still win by guessing while playing, this method reduces your odds significantly. Furthermore, sticking with one type of game helps memorize correct decisions more easily – video poker strategy charts may also come in handy here!